Paying Guest Bangalore

Paying Guest in Bangalore

Looking for a PG in Bangalore that stands out from the crowd? We have PG for gents and ladies in Bangalore Koramangala area. Our great value PG rooms offer you the perfect night sleep, whether you’re in Bangalore for a couple of months, looking for temporary accommodation on business or long term job or study. 

Pelagia HP 008 Comfort, quality, personal service and great value are standard so you’ll have a special experience while you stay with us in our PG. Whatever your plans are during your stay, we want to make sure you’re refreshed and ready to face the day, which is why you’ll find we strive to make you feel comfortable.


WiFi access is available (free) throughout our PG allowing you to stay in touch when you’re away from home, whether you want to search the web, catch-up with friends on Facebook, email or get some work done.

Eat as much as you like

Fill up and choose as much as you like from our breakfast buffet, lunch, dinner, help yourself to tea, coffee and milk! And if you don’t have the time to sit down and eat then we have lunch / breakfast boxes prepared for you on request.

Housekeeping: Hygiene

Cleaning is important not only from the point of hygiene but also from the point of safety, security and complying with legislation. We strongly believe in repeat business and in order to maintain a fair tariff, it is important that the rooms, kitchen and surrounding areas in our PGs are kept clean at all times which is why we have employed dedicated housekeeping staff who clean the rooms, corridors etc every single day of the week.

Price Guarantee

We believe you have a right to the best price. That means you can be sure that you are getting the best price for the type of paying guest accommodation you choose. We have single occupancy, two, three and four sharing rooms all priced accordingly. Please call us to discuss your personal requirement.